Vivian Darkbloom at Royale

Photographic Evidence
by Johnny Arguedas

Royale - Boston, MA
last night! Wednesday 4/7/10

next date:
April 14 at the Middle East
Cambridge, MA with See Green

Vivian Darkbloom's Rob Morris at Boston's Royale on Wednesday.

NEW TIMES, GOOD TIMES - Boston's Vivian Darkbloom warmed the stage at a private party on Wednesday night. The Boston underground indie rock heroes warmed the stage for touring stars Airborne Toxic Event at Royale (on the site of the former Roxy.)

Vivian Darkbloom's already dynamic sound was rounded out with the addition of Zac Taylor on second guitar. (You heard it - and are seeing it here, first. Vivian Darkbloom are now a 4-piece, with Mike Forrester on drums!) VD are working out new songs for their full-length debut. Mixing in old favorites with new tracks, everything the band did sounded like aces last night at Royale.

Original members Rob Morris and Brian Skerratt self-released their debut EP; Let's Be Machines EP. Singles have been released on iTunes as well. Vivian Darkbloom plays the Middle East on Wednesday

Brian Skerratt

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Vivian Darkbloom at Royale 4-7-10

Morris (center) and Taylor (background)

Vivian Darkbloom
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