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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NEW ALBUM - I fully anticipated liking whatever music project came next from John Shade - the stage name for Dave Godowsky [recommended Boston Globe story.] But I couldn't believe my ears listening to his new record; All You Love is Need. We are still very early in the year, but this is definitely one of the better albums I have heard! (ed's note: this new release is "pay-what-you-want" - details using the link below.)

John Shade's cleverly titled All You Love is Need is a witty cover on an album that serves to showcase the singer-songwriter's impressive range. Here (both musically and lyrically) Shade plays puppeteer, the songs only held back on a lease of their master's ambitions. The upbeat numbers and vibrant, energetic tales. The serious, reflective songs are emotive but without a heavy hand. Shade appears to made to be a conscious effort to pay his respect to the ghosts of music-past.

Shade's vocal inflections work very well with his timing style. His voice can rumble like running rain down a tin gutter - and can still rise effortlessly climbing like a candle's flame or the upturned wing of a hawk. You can better believe this record will be in heavy rotation.

If you are around Boston, you can find out about John Shade this week for yourself...

John Shade w/ the Neave String Quartet
weds 4/14/10
The Lizard Lounge
Cambridge, MA

Special music guests: Mark Erelli on guitar
Sean Greenhalgh on drums (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
Zack Hickman on bass (Josh Ritter band)

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