Lord T & Eloise

Photographic Evidence:
by 5342 Studios

Barbarella Austin, TX - 3/18/10

"The most fun set I caught this year in Austin (SxSW)"
- Ryan Spaulding, rslblog.com
all photos by 5342 Studios

FOUR STAR LIVE SHOW! At first you might make the quick assumption that this could just be another wild music novelty act. And to be fair it might just be a little of that, but it would be wrong to sell these very talented hip hop artists short. Give it a minute and it soon becomes clear how tight these guys are.

Lord T & Eloise are one sick stage act. We caught them on Day 2 of this year's SxSW Music Festival in Austin, TX - and as it turned out we had already seen the most unadulterated fun, spontaneous sets of the whole week. It's hard to imagine anyone matching their intensity.

MEET LORD T & ELOISE - Who are these guys? Lord Treadwell, we are meant to believe, is a wig-bedecked 18th Century British Lord. Eloise is the wealthy heir to a vast estate. His skin is gold. Check these guys out!

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Lord T & Eloise - SxSW performance 3-18-10

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