Kitchen Sessions :: David Wax Museum

The Kitchen Sessions begin:
video by Steve Legare
photo by 5342 Studios
starring the David Wax Museum

Kitchen Session live photos of David Wax Museum by 5342 Studios

Persimmon Tree

from 2009's Carpenter Bird

Ed's Note: I am always impressed by what music, in some way or another, delivers to my door. And often, I end up being impressed with what people can accomplish with a little support. Kitchen Sessions is a newly launched project by our resident videographer, Steve Legare, that allows musicians to play small, intimate settings and offer the video up to the world.

EPISODE ONE - We begun tonight with world class Mexo-Americana artists The David Wax Museum. I have to believe they are one of the most authentic, down-to-earth acts we have ever met. (We hope that comes through just a bit in the videos. What follows is David Wax's own favorite....)

The Kitchen Sessions
David Wax Museum - Persimmon Tree

RSL Streaming Photo Album
the 1st Kitchen Session with David Wax Museum

Coming Up - This Week!
David Wax Museum
and Brown Bird

Sunday, May 2nd at Club Passim
Cambridge, MA [tickets]

Web - Myspace - Album

more David Wax Museum!


Haha awesome stuff!

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