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Making His Popularity Seem Just So Easy,

Hipster Kitty is still learning his way around the world, but you wouldn't know it.

Looking the part of the sage is terribly important to this cat. Hipster Kitty just seems to have it down. And so popular! People want to know Hipster Kitty for his adept shunning of buzz bands just before they are about to grow cold. He has an impeccable sense of music taste - and an old soul. Each week Hipster Kitty digs out a music track from "the good list. " Sometimes it's brand new stuff, sometimes an old favorite. You never know what you'll get.

Actually Hipster Kitty played a fast one.
This week's new track isn't new music at all.
It's a mash of Oasis and the Beatles.

Hipster Kitty is nothing if not Ironic.

Hipster Kitty is a Weekly Music Series
that does it's best to confound and entertain.


DJ Y alias JY said…
Thanx a lot for posting my mashup!
Unknown said…
Mind blowing mashup!

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