HD Video: Southern Belle at Great Scott

Someone You Really Need to Know
HD video by RSL's Steve Legare

Southern Belle

A PHOENIX RISING - Southern Belle is the stage name of Boston's red hot Isom Innis, a spirited kid with a music-dominated soul.

Sometimes Innis and Southern Belle are a band, other times a duo. What Southern Belle has found a way to do is to capture the spirit of the day: infusing key elements of electronica, keyboard rock and sampling into their fiery atmospheric rock. Forget what you have heard from others, this is what's next right now.

Footage was recorded live at the rslblog.com live show at Great Scott on 4/8/10. Raw media was captured with two stationary HD video cameras and a high-quality digital audio recorder.

Radiohead is clearly a source of inspiration: “I used to have this Johnny Greenwood quote taped up on my wall in high school that said: ‘We don’t set out to break barriers, we just copy our favorite records.’ And up to this point that’s exactly what Innis has done, “combine many different influences at once,” into something that simply sounds great.

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Anonymous said…
I love "Psycho Killa" the most!!!

and Isom Innis is FREAKING CUTE!! XD

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