SxSW - The Black and White Years

Photographic Evidence
by 5342 Studios
The Belmont Austin, TX - 3/17/10

all photos by 5342 Studios

Austin Homeboys Prove It Again - Black and White Years are one of the country's best live bands. Traveling across the country to their home turf meant seeing them play before an insanely appreciative local audience. Images taken from The Belmont on 6th Street. Love the palm trees and open courtyard, which was filled with bobbing heads and clenched fists. Gotta love a Saint Patrick's Day in Texas. Love this band!

The Black and White Years "Two Reservoirs"
from Matthew Hoffman on Vimeo.

The Black and White Years "Two Reservoirs"
Directed, shot and edited by Matthew Hoffman

Shot on Super 8 color negative film stock:

Kodak Vision2 200T 7217
Kodak Vision2 500T 7218
additional footage: A. Bri Cormier
MCH/ABC Productions

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Black and White Years at the Belmont in Austin 3-17-10

Black and White Years

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