Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Moments Frozen in Time
Photographic History Unfolds

Ryan Adams by Neal Casal
giddy, Adams, is with Oasis below

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: A View of Other Windows - The photo book about to unleashed, reveals an unprecedented, intimate look at Ryan Adams and his band the Cardinals. It takes place through the evocative photography of lead guitarist, Neal Casal. An intensely personal collection of 200 photographs, Casal has captured the exhilaration of the stage and studio while sometimes exposing the solitary aspects of the creative process and life on the road. With an introduction by Ryan Adams and an afterword by legendary musician Phil Lesh, this collection will be revered by fans and is the official documentation of the beloved band.

Adams & Nelson by Neal Casal

BUY THE BOOK - Ryan Adams writes the foreword for the new book (from Abrams). For many fans, this may the first articulated message they have received from the singer-songwriter since his cautious, emotionally charged retirement was announced last January. Things have changed. Adams has gone on to get married. All have suffered recently with the death of beloved Cardinals bassist Chris Feinstein - making this photographic reunion all the more dramatic and poignant. There's a healing process going on here:

Casal captures the late Chris Feinstein in this 2008 photo

160 Pages that Impact - The Casal book is a silent storyteller, but the band's emotional metal slag here is tenable. It's hard to not embrace these pages and feel that we are a fly on the wall in a key moment in rock history. This is a must-have book for even the casual Ryan Adams & The Cardinals fan and a great look at the transitory time in the lives of an amazing band

Excerpt of the Foreword
by Ryan Adams

ed.'s note: It was a photograph of Ryan Adams that brought me into the fantastic world of Neal Casal - who I attribute as much of the spirit & execution on RA+C music. (Neal would never agree, but it's pretty clear to me anyway.) Not to take anything away from Ryan (who has retired but still toys with music a bit) but I have come to really appreciate Casal for how precise his music is, what it elicits from listeners, and the fact that the music he helped create assisted me in finding my own musical compass.

Neal Casal has become a bit of a pen pal (writing in from New Zealand most recently.) We find him now on his way to the SxSW Music Festival to play dates this week with Gin Wigmore.) Casal is responsible for his own incredible 2009 Solo Album, "Roots + Wings" which made our 2009 Best Albums List.


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