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ICELANDIC FOLK - A native music hero and former collaborator with Bjork, Sigur Ros and The Dirty Projectors, we want you to know about Ólöf Arnalds who is touring the states this month both before and after the SxSW Music Festival next week. We find her in Boston tonight - preparing for tomorrow FREE SHOW (7pm) at TT the Bears in Cambridge. Giving her 4 Stars, Mojo reports that the angelic Arnalds is "Reykjavik's answer to Kate Bush" - that's accurate and the songs (see below for a KEXP performance caught on film) are pretty damn beautiful.

Mar 12 - TT the Bears
Cambridge, MA
Mar 15 - Rockwood Music Hall
New York, NY
Mar 18 - One Indian Showcase - SxSW
Austin, TX
Mar 20 - Bootleg BBQ - SxSW
Austin, TX
Mar 20 - Yelp Party - SxSW
Austin, TX
Mar 24 - The Bell House
Brooklyn, NY
Mar 27 -Les Trinitaires‎ Metz
Lorraine, FR
Mar 28 - Théâtre de la Cité Internationale
Paris, FR

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