Newport Folk 2010 Artists

July 31 & Aug 1, 2010

Andrew Bird's only American date this Summer!

Andrew Bird photograph by Sean Hafferty

Newport, RI - The Planners for Newport Folk 51 are about to officially unveil their 2010 Summer Lineup and we figured we would beat them to the punch. It's amazing what a little research can do for a music blogger. As for the bands: As with last year's stellar mix of bands both old and new - the fit will be great and there will be something for everybody.

We are only going to reveal bands tonight that we are absolutely positive will play the festival based on news bulletins and secret pre-sales codes provided to the bands by the Festival Planners allows them to buy their tickets early... Basically ladies and gents: these kids are completely confirmed:

Andrew Bird
only summer 2010 date in the USA *

* meh, Bird just beat me to this one.
I had concluded as much earlier based on his
"open dates" coinciding exactly with Folk.

The Swell Season
Zoran Orlic photograph

Horse Feathers
Tarina Westlund photograph

The Punch Brothers
Geoff Johnson photograph

Doc Watson
David Holt photograph

Newport Folk 50 Coverage
2009: Day One / Day Two


Unknown said…
I am so excited for this. Can't wait.
H!L said…
the low anthem are going back too! got the transcript to prove it!

Ryan Spaulding said…
I am not going to disagree with that. I do have more names, by the way...
Ryan Spaulding said…
Ticketmaster Search by Venue yielded

(get in now!)

Sat. July 31, 2010 - Day One

Sun. Aug 1, 2010 - Day Two

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