The End Game for Lost

The Beginning of The End for Lost

Tuesday Night Feb 2nd 8pm EST
the end begins for Lost

Not Everybody Gets Lost. Nothing's Going to Change That. And that's all you're going to get in way of an explanation on why an entertainment website specializing in music opts to do the occasional television piece. On Tuesday evening, the end game for the celebrated Lost television series begins in earnest. Expect a lot of water cooler talk, and further? A lot of bullshit false leads. It's the Agatha Christie of our bubblegum pop generation and while that sounds pretty depressing, this is still the best television of a generation. Having an end makes everything that comes before a little more special, a bit more sweet... just like the chorus of a favorite song... just like life.

BIT OF HYPE #1 - In April of last year, Michael Emerson, a/k/a Benjamin Linus from Lost, appeared on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. The two chatted about about Emerson's Boston ties and Kimmel even got his guest that night to do a little impromptu Ben Linus-take on a nursery rhyme... Chilling!

Ben Linus is played by actor Michael Emerson,
a former Boston Globe illustrator.

BIT OF HYPE #2 - And this came to us from Entertainment Weekly's Pop Watch. Writer Jeff Jensen has found a very interesting clip from Lost Season 1 that was lost to time. Was all that is about to unfold truly set in motion so early in the series? The answer is .... maybe. Watch:

Clues from Season 1

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