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The Age of Enhancement

GETTING MORE DEADLY - So we've always been pretty decent at sharing our ideas - despite my profoundly poor writing and oft-perilous ideas. To supplement, I added passionate, music-loving writers. And, things got really interesting. Our numbers swelled further with the additional gifted freelance photographers. (In each case, we didn't realize how fortunate we were - the results speak for themselves.) And now, RSL adds live music video!

Want to welcome the talented Steve Legare as a contributor. I first came across Steve's fine video editing and camera work following Newport Folk Festival this year. (Examples are below. Photo Samples: Day 1 / Day 2.) This is a new age (can you tell I'm excited??) Definitely looking forward to what lies ahead for all of us at Ryan's Smashing Life... and for you readers! [subscribe to the RSL feed]

Deer Tick by Steve Legare

Newport Folk Festival 50

AM by Steve Legare

AM is an RSL Best of Pick

Langhorne Slim by Steve Legare

Newport Folk Festival 50
Live Photos [Set 1/Set 2] RSL Best of 2008

Last, but certainly not least...
The Low Anthem by Steve Legare

Newport Folk Festival 50


Anonymous said…
bring on the moving pictures

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