Friday, February 26, 2010

Lost Cat, The King of Spain

Help Us Find this Lost Cat
File Under: Friday Night, Etc.

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Myles Schaller said...

I've been on the search for this lion but I'm not certain whether or not I've seen it - is it, in fact, lion-coloured?

RobJob said...

Oh, it's real.

Just ask the mangled stump of what used to be my left arm.

Anonymous said...

Just as a tip for anyone searching: Walking down a crowded street yelling "Thundercock!" will not get this lost pet to respond to you. It will though, get the police to respond.

James said...

I will find this lion. For that hand shake.

Anonymous said...

I will find the lion, for the rigorous bout if intercourse ;D

Anonymous said...


I am that lion.
You'll never catch me.
If you try I'll go RAAAAARRRRR at you.
Then I'll eat you.

Miami Web Design said...

buahahahahaha..... vigorous intercourse good one.