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New Split Covers Record out this Week!
Two Amazing Bands You Should Already Know...

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As a music enthusiast, it pains me considerably to not have the time required today to shower the endless platitudes on our two subject bands today. (Suffice it to say, I really like what each has been doing - and thoroughly like what their members have done to support the independent rock scene everywhere they go.) Each of these two bands have released an album over the course of the last two years and both have found a place on RSL's Albums of the Year list. And deservedly so.

on the new album (cover above) The Motion Sick cover this track.

Shawn Fogel's scary good Golden Bloom are joining forces this week with The Motion Sick (The Smartest Band in America) to release a split CD record with each covering the other. The results of the fun project are, predictably, pretty damn awesome. What you see here are the original videos by their creators. (And in the case of The Motion Sick, below, an original and a remix.)

The GBvTMS album sees these tracks performed by the visiting school's . The record will be released on Friday night at the Middle East with a pretty stellar Friday Night lineup of entertainment planned. (Good times will be had by all - and that's no secret. This one will likely sell out. Arrive early - see it all.)

Friday Night 2/19/10

click for large poster

$10 Doors / 18+ / 9pm
Middle East - Cambridge

Golden Bloom
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The Motion Sick
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