New Video + Singles Project from Ash

Someone You Should Know


EXCITING NEW STUFF FROM IRELAND - Do You Know Ash? Meet the creative pop geniuses behind the sound.

A-Z Singles to Be Released - Over the course of the new few months, you should have plenty of opportunities to get to know the band. A total of 26 new singles will be released bi-weekly. If fans like what they are hearing, they can purchase the collection at any time. Album releases (titled by letters of the alphabet) are being timed with shows all over the UK.

An Alphabetical Tour - Ash's genius even extends to touring... Working alphabetically through the towns and cities of the British Isles from Aldershot to Zennor, Ash will be dropping in on the UK’s lesser-visited concert venues. Exotic locations like Ventnor (that’s on the Isle of Wight), The Havana Club (in Jersey), Upper Norwood (South London of course…) and the Devonshire seaside town of ‘eXmouth’, will be among those experiencing a rare visit from a major touring act. Totally kick-ass!

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