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EAST COAST BAND WITH A WEST COAST SOUL: Static of the Gods are a Boston act but are, even more so, a worldly band. They certainly stand out from this low-lying, frigid, landscape. With songs like honey dripped before razor blades, in many ways this touring band are a fish out of water here. They have had no shortage of fans on the road - most notably in Portland, OR where their shows pack houses. The band's hard work here in Boston certainly has not been ignored, however - If you play with two other people long enough, and the content is good - you only get better. Static (Mike Latulippe, Ben Voskeritchian and Jen Johnson) have kept critics and fans alike waiting as they painstaking finished Knowledge Machine (March 2010), the long awaited sophomore album. Below is the debut track from the album. It's the first and only place you can get a song from the album right now. We are ecstatic that a band we like this much will allow us to share unreleased material. If you like self-released stuff and independent bands as much as we do, this is the cream of the crop.

Static of the Gods - Rest Your Head
DEBUT of this song - album out in March

Recording & Touring:
Static of the Gods have joined the modern band trend of kids using organic surroundings to help improve the recording experience and sound. Joining the ranks of other like-minded songwriters (Fleet Foxes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Broken Social Scene), Static have opted out of the studio and into non-traditional environs. In the case of Static, that meant heading north to Vermont. Whether or not the experience really helps, who's to say - but it's hard to argue with these kind of results.

2010 tour dates to ensue, currently only one new show on the books to help debut these songs: on February 10th, 2010 - presents - Static of the Gods, Vivian Darkbloom and Lauren Flaherty at Church of Boston.

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