Midlake -The Courage of Others

A Hypnotic Return...
Someone You Should Know

The new album is out in just days - in stores on Feb 2nd

When I think back on the more unexpectedly satisfying sets I have seen over the last four years - I dwell on seeing Midlake fill the room with jams so thick and tenable that you could touch them. Filling rooms - both with their sound and with people hasn't been much of a problem for the Denton, TX band. I am delighted to relay that Midlake have been confirmed to play Austin this year at March's SxSW (we will be there - bringing you coverage.) On the verge of February, the band is set to unleash a new album, The Courage of Others in just days. Midlake's dates in Europe are selling out - US dates in March and beyond are being announced.

Here is the short film advocating for the new material. Interesting, to hear the trailer was filmed by My Name is Earl actor Jason Lee! For newbies, this is a band to watch. To those already familiar, sorry - this video is just a wicked tease.

short film directed by Jason Lee

The Courage of Others
album tracklist:
Acts of Man
Winter Dies
Small Mountain
Core of Nature
Rulers, Ruling All Things
Children of the Grounds
Bring Down
The Horn
The Courage of Others
In The Ground

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Kevin said…
Playing the Paradise 4/9!! Beyond excited!
Thanks for posting this Ryan.
You just made my Monday!
ShellBell said…
Great list- so happy to see Carbon Leaf getting some love. These guys dont get nearly as much as they deserve!

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