Farewell to Conan O'Brien (for now)

Can't Believe Our Eyes!
From The Airwaves Tonight

In his finalized exit agreement with network giant NBC,
Conan O'Brien cannot take a media job for 7 months

REALLY GREAT TV - Scoring Neil Young (who played a beautiful acoustic version of "Long May You Run" this evening), Conan O'Brien already had one hell of a coup on his hands. A surprising aged-appearing Young laid down a fast-paced, but achingly beautiful version of his classic. The clip:

CAN'T DO BETTER THAN THAT, RIGHT? - That was until the legendary grand finale... Just moments after thanking fans and urging kids "not to be cynical" and to be "good to people" and good things happen for you, all hell broke loose. Special Surprise guest Will Ferrell (dressed in Southern Rock regalia - mocking & celebrating white trash chic) broke into Skynard's "Free Bird" - and as the camera panned... Only then was the home audience made aware of the legendary players joining Ferrell (and Conan - who picked up a guitar - shredding on stage.) Ben Harper sat in on lap steel while Billy Gibbons (ZZ-Top) & Beck added guitar. Members of the Max Weinberg 7 backed it all up. Ferrell sang and ripped it up on cowbell.

It was just another night on television and one I will never forget. The clip:



Jen said…
Brilliant finale! I can't believe though we've had to go through it twice in less than a year.

Conan is a true music appreciator and supporter. His message to the kids at the end of the show was... flawless, positive and much needed in a shaky world full of cowardly execs and those afraid to take chances.

Thanks Coco! Can't wait till the next show.

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