Greg Mullen & St Claire in Somerville

Out on the Town - Friday 12/11:
by Nikhil Gupta
P.A.'s Lounge - Somerville, MA

Greg Mullen - ready for the weather

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE - Four amazing local acts will take the stage this Friday night at PA's Lounge in Somerville. Both Greg Mullen and St. Claire make warm, inviting music. Mullen's vocals are strong, rich, and just as percussive as the drums and piano behind him. When guitar and horns come in, his voice still reaches out to the audience and pushes each note along. Mullen can also be wild, creative and raw - if need be. St. Claire's music is filled to the brim with Emily Forsythe's shimmering voice, even when their tunes are at their most sparsely arranged.

Emily Forsythe of St Claire

You Itch Like a Secret

There's something infectious about The Tired Times - besides their catchy hooks, the fun this crowded band has together makes its way into the audience. They're sure to get PA's Lounge shaking before Mike and Robbie of home/alone take the stage, and then the night will reach its summit. Drums, guitars, vocals are all a part of their arsenal.
Doors open at 8:30PM, and (just in case you needed a bit more than crazy-good music from your evening out) we hear talk of free beer for two hours Friday night. Show up for more details. Thank us later.

Bonus Track
Greg Mullen - Mountain Steep

featuring the Whitehaus Family Arkestra


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