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by Sean Hafferty
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Like your favorite pair of jeans, there is something familiar, comfortable, and unique about The David Wax Museum. I'd heard good things about these folks, but I wasn't expecting for their latest album, Carpenter Bird, to be one of my favorites of the year.

I've been on a bit of a Calexico kick lately so it felt like kismet as I checked out the lasted project from the unsigned Boston-based quartet The David Wax Museum - who doesn't sound like Calexico - but both share the influence of traditional Mexican music - and use it very well.

Lush with harmonies, Carpenter Bird gives you a nice variety of flavors. From the more straight Americana of "Jalopy Heart" and "I Have Wasted My Life", to the Mexicana of "Colas" and "El Corrido del Borracho", to the skip drag of "Beatrice", it makes for no small amount of toe tapping. Here's one we really like:

The Wax Musem is a four piece based in Boston and led by David Wax with Jiro Kokubu, a multi-instrumentalist from Japan, Suz Slezak on the fiddle and Greg Glassman on drums. The inspiration for their sound comes from the years of study that David spent in Mexico combined with folk and country rock from his midwestern youth. The luscious harmonies and laid back grooves will warm the heart during the cold winter nights that are on the way.

Now you might have caught them recently opening up for The Avett Brothers or The Low Anthem, but they actually just wrapped up their own east coast tour at the end of October. But no worries for folks here in New England, as they are playing a pretty brisk schedule around here for the next couple months. So, if you're in the area you will have a few opportunities to catch them. If you can't make it, grab The Carpenter Bird. Its one of my favorite folks albums of the year.

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