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The Black Ryder

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One of the best things about hosting the world's most dangerous music blog is meeting so many new people. (take note - music lovers are good people) There's a shared interest and an enthusiasm founded by sharing the things we enjoy. That's more chemistry than you'll find in most long-term relationships these days. And, I'll have you know that we love getting suggestions - especially when they result in greatness. With that being said, today's bonus artist focus is a completely new band to me... I just got this tonight but immediately had to share! I want to thank Rachel in San Fran for pointing us their way.

What little I have found out about Australia's The Black Rider is still pretty damn cool -as you will see below. Bonus - the band offers an mp3 to entice fans. For their full catalog, check out The Black Ryder page.


The Black Ryder - Burn and Fade
featuring Peter Hayes

The Black Ryder
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Rachel said…
First off, I want to thank Omaha of Ryans Smashing Life for the shout out on pointing him in the direction of band The Black Ryder. What he says about having a musical connection speaks VOLUMES! It's absolutely true, sometimes you hear a song and instantly know who is going to love that song right along with you, when I saw The Black Ryders video for "Sweet Come Down" I thought of Omaha and my friend Sean. There is this one scene I'm captivated by each time I watch the video (you will know it when you see it). The angle, the color and the beauty as the delicate fabric of her dress ripples in the gives me the chills. The tone of the song and the video are a perfect combination and kudos to video director Michael Spiccia....WIN. You would swear this song was written in the 30's, it's got that nostalgic feel to it, listen to this band and fall in love with....right along with us.
annie*rock said…
I've been missing Mazzy Star. It's good to hear The Black Ryder.
Steve said…
In early 2007 the Morning After Girls returned to Australia after an intense and gruelling time touring overseas. The band’s time on...

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