Televandals - What You Need To Know

A Brand New Music Video and an Unreleased Song
Boston's Televandals

NEW VIDEO & NEW MUSIC - One of the best performances from the last month came for me just last Friday night. It was a Halloween covers party put on by The Pill at Great Scott in Allston. I came in with some pretty high expectations. And those lofty sights got set a bit higher with a really great cover of The Smiths by locals The Honors. Immediately following was Boston red-hot hopefuls Televandals who took on the mantle of The Clash. Thus began the band's week in the spotlight here in Boston.


TELEVANDALS were a Halloween Treat... Song after well-known song, Televandals hammered the tracks home. (Note to the band: you gotta do Guns of Brixton.) Thoroughly impressive, the Televandals are: J Restless on Guitar and lead vocals, Nico on Synth, Guitar and Backing vocals, Ride-Out on drums, beats and Backing vocals, and Nick on Bass and Backing vocals.

One Thing To Know About Televandals -They're in it to win it. Things are happening for them. They are preparing their full-length debut. (RSL media player with unreleased track, "Endor" is offered up below.) TT the Bears plays host to the Televandals new music video release tonight. (The video is below, but I am sure your ADHD-ass is already watching it.)

from unreleased album

On Wednesday, Televandals will fire up the van and haul the keys to Great Scott. They have an early set (that's a good chance to catch 'em for the first time folks), opening up for Toronto electro act Dragonette.

brand new video.


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