Landmark music video for Sliimy's Womanizer

A picture of a photograph....

A must-unusual Parisian provocateur named Sliimy
by Benjamin Guillonneau et Antonin Gudicci

Welcome to another episode of Viral Video, the much beloved result when a curious mind searches the video websites looking for the freshest, most unbelievable music and entertainment clips. Today we look at the sensational (and jaw-droppingly exact work) of filmmaker Ethan Lader who just unleashed a incredible video for French singer-songwriter Sliimy, an EU act on the rise. The Womanizer music video was shot on over 2,000 frames, features 3 separate mediums and was painstakingly edited over many hundred of hours. The results, as you might have guessed, are pretty outstanding... This is Viral Video.

says director Ethan Lader: "This project was shot on video, over 2,000 frames which ere exported and effected in photoshop. Then we printed out each frame onto paper, cut them out, and had people all over LA hold them while we shot each one with a digital camera. Then we brought all the stills back into the edit and put them together again."

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