Heath Ledger's Music Video for Hip Hop's N'fa Forster-Jones

New Music Video!
See It For Yourself...

Heath Ledger directed the video sometime before his death.
It was only released just this week.

Actor and director Heath Ledger's body of work continues to grow following his accidental drug overdose in January. We are all aware of his chilling and celebrated theatrical work in the Dark Knight. Not many of us knew the man was as passionate about music as he evidently was... In August, Modest Mouse released a music video Ledger directed. And this week, Rapper N'fa Forster-Jones chose to unveil this Ledger-directed hip hop video this week. (Ledger and Forster-Jones were friends growing up in Perth, Australia.)

Ledger's final film "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" opens in theatres on Christmas Day.


rakeback said…
Heath's role in The Dark Knight was perhaps the greatest acting performance Ive ever seen. Heath was such a talented actor, and its sad that he was taken so soon!

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