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It's just one song, we realize.... but it's so good! - Meet Eddie Japan, a yacht-rocky, 70s throwback of a rock band. This six-piece are working on a full-length album. They are the newest thing from Boston - and Boston's a scene on the way-up in 2009.

Eddie Japan - just plain dangerous
photo by JustBill

Led by David Santos (former Pax Romana), Eddie Japan is an amalgamation of different musical backgrounds and very separate sounds. It's been a big year for Chris Barrett (also in Boston's Logan 5 and the Runners and previously of Christians and Lions.) On this new project, Barrett plays keyboards and trumpet - both of which end up being key, identifying elements, of this new project. Jim Collins here. It's been an equally stunning season for Eddie Japan bassist Jim Collins (Gene Dante and the Future Starlets, and The Buckners) as we've been watching him play in one show or another pretty much all 2009. (It's helpful to mention, we were not once disappointed. George Hall (Dogzilla, Seks Bomba, The Weisstronauts) sets up on guitar 1, Bart LoPiccolo (Scatterfield, Din) rocks on guitar 2 and Jason Baldock is on the drums.The result of all this lineage is something well worth our time.

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