Stage Photography :: Lightning Dust in Cambridge

Photographic Evidence
by Emma Dessau

T.T. The Bear's Place - Cambridge - 9/17/2009

Every time of year has a specific feeling to it. I’ve always been in favor of the switch between summer and autumn. The air starts to get that crisp feeling, leaves change colors... and though the glorious sun (or in the case of this year, the sporadic-at-best sun) is not quite as strong on your skin, it is replaced by a pleasant bright blue sky which works so nicely with the New England autumn color schemes.

Occasionally you get lucky and discover a new band or album that seems to have been put out just to enhance a season’s feeling. This year it is the project of former Black Mountain members Joshua Wells and Amber Webber, Lightning Dust, that has soundtracked my voyage back to the season we call fall.

Emma Dessau photo

The Canadian group came to TT the Bear’s Place, supporting The Cave Singers. After listening to their second album, Infinite Light, out on Jagjaguwar Records, I expected some kind of psychedelic looking hippy show. Instead, Lightning Dust rocks folk in the simplest and truest sense.

After a summer punctuated by concerts like the Dirty Projectors, Phoenix and Cage the Elephant, Lightning Dust offered a soft change. Like the weather in September, they were warm and light.

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Lightning Dust at T.T. the Bear's (9-17-09)

I should note I had never heard the headliners of the evening, The Cave Singers, before the show, and did not realize their keyboardist had played along with Lightning Dust until later. However, Dear God! If you haven’t listened to The Cave Singers yet, do so immediately. No photos are here unfortunately due to camera malfunctions, so all I can offer are my words of wisdom: It is impossible not to enjoy the vibe of The Cave Singers, who looked so genuinely thrilled just to play music.

Folkies will be hard pressed to complain with these two bands. Give them a listen while you watch the green leafiness of summer turn amber and fall softly to the ground.

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