Echo & The Bunnymen in Boston

Photographic Evidence
by Sean Hafferty

Great Scott 10/18/2009

Ian McCullough last night in Boston.
Sean Hafferty photos

LAST NIGHT IN BOSTON - It was years ago I last saw Echo & The Bunnymen live - it was at the Club Baby Head in Providence. (It was a tiny place and I suspect now, as I did then, that the band was only playing there since Ian McCullogh had recently left the band to stake out on his own.) Probably the most memorable thing about the show is that people were Echo & The Bunnymen. Its funny to remember that before every club had "No Moshing" signs posted that the music didn't have to be fast or heavy to be mosh-able.

"Villiers Terrace"

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Echo & the Bunnymen at Great Scott (10-18-09)

LIVING LEGENDS - The show at Great Scott last night was a real treat. We might have liked a little more volume on the guitar and drums, but Ian McCullough's voice hasn't lost anything over the years. Its interesting to see these guys now after bands like The Editors and The National have made so much noise in the last few years. The inspiration in the music is hard to miss, although the performance style is radically different.

Echo & The Bunnymen return to Boston (at the House of Blues) on November 23rd. Full calendar listing is below.


Oct 20 - Toronto, Ontario
Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Oct 22 - Oakland, CA
The Fox Theater

Oct 24 - LA
Nokia Theatre

Nov 15 - Atlanta, GA

Nov 17 - Washington DC
The Black Cat

Nov 18 - State College, PA
The State Theatre

Nov 20 - Glenside, PA
Kewsick Theatre

Nov 21 - Fairfield, CT
Stage One

Nov 22 - NYC
Hammerstien Ballroom

Nov 23 - BOSTON,
House Of Blues

Nov 25 - Chicago, IL

Dec 12 - Oxford, South
Oxford O2 Academy - SOLD OUT

Dec 14 - Newcastle, Northeast
Newcastle O2 Academy

Dec 15 - Leeds, Northeast
Leeds O2 Academy

Dec 17 - Liverpool, Northwest
O2 Academy - SOLD OUT

Dec 18 - Liverpool, Northwest
O2 Academy - SOLD OUT

Dec 19 - Liverpool, Northwest
O2 Academy - SOLD OUT

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