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Having just recently celebrated the musical achievements and the life of legendary low song man Mark Sandman of Morphine, we now have news that the band's massive chest of recordings is finally being opened ten years after the singer passed on. The 35-song compilation takes its name from the line Sandman used to kick off most shows, “We are Morphine at your service.” The music spans the group’s entire career and features founding member Dana Colley (sax), original drummer Jerome Deupree and his successor, Billy Conway. For a great number of enthusiasts, this material (unreleased studio tracks, alternate takes and live performances) has been a long time coming....

At Your Service Track Listing
All songs previously unreleased

Disc 1 - Shadows

1. “At Your Service”
2. “Come Over”
3. “Come Along”
4. “It’s Not Like That Anymore”
5. “Patience” (Alternate Version)
6. “Call Back”
7. “Bye Bye Johnny”
8. “Hello Baby”
9. “Women R Dogs”
10. “You’re An Artist” (Alternate Version)
11. “5:09”
12. “Lilah II”
13. “Moons Of Jupiter”
14. “Lunch In Hell”
15. “Imaginary Song” (Alternate Version)
16. “Shadow (I Know You Part V)”

Disc 2 - Shade

1. “Good” (Live – WMBR ’92)
2. “Only One” (Live – WMBR ’92)
3. “Shoot ’Em Down” (Live – WMBR ’92)
4. “Saddest Song” (Live – WMBR ’92)
5. “Claire” (Live – WMBR ’92)
6. “I Had My Chance” (Alternate Version)
7. “Buena” (Alternate Version)
8. “Empty Box” (Alternate Version)
9. “All Wrong” (Alternate Version)
10. “Put It Down (Wo-Oh)” (Live – WMBR ’93)
11. “Free Love” (Live – WMBR ’93)
12. “Sexy Christmas Baby Mine” (Live – WMBR ’93)
13. “Scratch” (Live – WMBR ’93)
14. “Super Sex” (Live – WMBR ’93)
15. “Radar” (Live – WMBR ’93)
16. “I’d Catch You”
17. “The Night” (Alternate Version)
18. “Take Me With You” (Alternate Version)
19. “Shade (I Know You Part IV)”

"It's hard to comprehend how much music Mark Sandman made that never got released, but you only have to look at this double CD set and the Mark Sandman Sandbox collection to realize that what went before was barely scratching the surface of what his imagination was capable of creating," said one reviewer on Amazon this week. "This release should be considered just as valuable to a Morphine fan as any other. The production may not have the studio sheen, the arrangements may not be fully realized but it contains all the elements that made Morphine irreplaceable; the Sandman baritone and dry wit, the vibrant and multi-textured saxophone, the silken rumbling thunderstorm of Sandman's bass and a few songs that expand the sound in different directions."

Conway, Sandman and Colley
photo by Peter Anderson

QUOTE / UN-QUOTE: "New" songs like the raucous ballad to pure desire "Come Over" (which they'd played live, but never issued) and even the goofy "It's Not Like That Anymore" (which was played by the Hypnosonics, another of Sandman's many bands) are pure and straight Morphine and Sandman; musically complex, smart, witty and oh-so sexy," said another reviewer on Amazon (where you can get the physical album right now at a discount. 'At Your Service' is out now from Rhino/Ryko at all retail outlets, including, for a suggested list price of $24.98 (CD) and $16.99 (digital).


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