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RSL presents 'From Behind these Keys' Saturday 9/12/09 in Boston

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - A Ryan's Smashing Life live show delivers remarkable music talent, straight from our digital pages to the finest stages in New England. This tradition of music exploration continues on Saturday, Sep 12th at Cafe 939 with three outstanding acts that promise to thoroughly entertain, reigniting your passion for exciting new music!

A celebration of acts using piano

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Keegan DeWitt

KEEGAN'S NEW ALBUM WILL UNFOLD: RSL couldn't be more pleased to present the talented Keegan DeWitt to Boston this month. DeWitt is a star in the world of film score composition. He currently lives and works out of Nashville. His new record, "Islands" is out this month and is being released both here in the UK on Izumi Records.

HE LIKES TO SCORE: From the sad simplicity and grace of his NY Times heralded film scores to the ornate and diverse string sections ringing throughout his brand new LP “Islands”, Keegan DeWitt represents an artist from an earlier time... when Bacharach slaved in the Brill Building and Brian Wilson sat over his mixing board for days at end. DeWitt is in the midst of scoring the latest film directed by Aaron Katz (his last score for Aaron was a New York Times "critic's pick" and helped earn the film an Independent Spirit Award nomination).

Movie Trailer for a Film featuring Keegan Dewitt's music.

An Artist from a Bygone Era - DeWitt's music is a true reflection of the human heart in all its variations and its something you’ll want to experience for yourself in person, with the strings filling out the room, the piano hammers jumping and the human heart fully present.

Keegan DeWitt
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Wakey! Wakey!

THIS SONGWRITER ARRIVES: Artist Michael Grubbs (songwriting/vocals/keys) goes on stage these days the stage name, Wakey! Wakey!, blending songcraft with a potent sense of humor to create original, heartfelt songs.

GROWING FAN BASE - Playing before new folks all the time, Wakey! Wakey! has shared bills with the likes of Rogue Wave, I'm From Barcelona, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, AA Bondy, Jukebox the Ghost, and Heloise and the Savoir Faire.

WE QUOTE: "Wakey!Wakey! merge old and new, downcast classical renderings and indie rock pop-smarts -- and formulate a dynamic sound all their own."

Wakey! Wakey!
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Parachute Musical

NASHVILLE'S CONTRIBUTION: Tennessee's Parachute Musical have sold out several hometown shows and been guests on countless big bills such as Next BIG Nashville, The Atlantis Music Conference in Georgia, and POPAsheville Festival. Their sophomore release Everything Is Working Out Fine In Some Town received extensive positive press.

WHY THEY ARE SO GOOD - The energetic, catchy sounds of the piano-based indie band have been compared to heavy hitters such as Ben Folds, Rufus Wainright, and Say Anything. Emotionally charged lyrics and upbeat tempos that refuse to leave you any other option than dancing and singing along have created the signature sound of Parachute Musical.

WE QUOTE: "Parachute Musical is among the rare pop bands where the piano defines and drives the direction, rather than the guitar. But Foster and Gilbert have a chemsitry that’s featured in fluid,challenging and structurally unusual tunes."– Nashville City Paper

Parachute Musical
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Saturday 9/12 - ALL AGES
The RED ROOM @ Cafe 939
~ just $10~

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