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New Album this week from The Points North
By Nikhil Gupta

The perfect 'Autumn Album'

What Century Is This? A year and nine months after their founding, The Points North release their debut full-length LP, I Saw Across the Sound, on Grinding Tapes Records. The album comes out tomorrow (the band will also showcase the new songs live at JP’s First Church on Eliot St. the same night) and the RSL got a sneak peek. These songs sit comfortably between 21st century alt-folk songs and your favorite sea shanty from colonial times. Don’t miss these 12 tracks, whatever century you might be in!

The Points North - Recycling Song
Sneak Peak from "I Saw Across the Sound"

The New LP: Part of what makes music by The Points North so captivating is its haunting combination of minimalism and beautiful layering. This trio knows how to choose its instruments for maximum effect—and that includes the voices of Chris Alspach and Regina Peterson. With drummer Dylan Clark, they’ve produced an album that captures New England’s landscape and seaways perfectly. As in the LP’s lead-off song, “Stone Walls,” our region’s locales speak to listeners about foliaged days and dark woods. The combined harmonies here and in “Cape Tyron” remind us that we all experience the seasons of this colorful, cold, and coastal northeastern corner of the country together.

Careful Compositions: The small and intimate histories that unfurl throughout “Recycling Song” turn trash into a heartbreakingly beautiful story. “Used paper towel rolls” and “orange peels” end up in the most important places. The delicate percussion that drives the chorus of dual voices in this song pulls together all three members of the band, so that they stand in careful relationship to one another. This is how The Points North understand our personal lives as well as our relationship to nature, and that is why each song on this album feels like both a private disclosure and a universal reflection. The RSL promises that you will want to be present when these songs are unveiled.

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CD RELEASE: Don’t miss the LP release party for I Saw Across the Sound at the First Church in Jamaica Plain, 6 Eliot St. on Thursday, Oct 1st. These songs are sure to stay with you for a long time!

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