MOVIE TRAILER: Daybreakers


FILM HYPE - DAYBREAKERS is a different kind of Vampire Movie. Set in the year 2019 - after a massive plague has turned mankind into a race of blood-drinking vampires. It is here our story begins... Humans are harvested for their blood while civilization continues as normal with vampires living in our cities. The former humans have adapting to their new lifestyles and know now that they will live forever. The problem is that the blood supply is running out.

Ethan Hawke is a Vampire with a Crossbow

Here in the most unlikely of places we find an interesting look at cultural imperialism, consumerism and of course an upside-down treatment of the traditional vampire/rock 'n roll flick.

The move boasts some pretty damn high-profile names... William DaFoe, Ethan Hawke and Sam Neil (we really like all three actors) star in this one. It's been in post-production for some time now, having been filmed in Austria two years ago. With the green light from Lionsgate the movie is now in the can and you should start to see promotional activities soon. Initially expected to release this fall, the movie has unfortunately been moved back to a January 2010 release date. Here's the trailer:

Daybreakers on IMDB


tclopetfan said…
i'm actually irritated by the influx of vampires between true blood and twilight, but this actually doesn't look that bad.

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