Justice of the Unicorns - The Dragon's Claw music video

VERY COOL - We interrupt the dead calm of a scalding hot Boston night to share something ridiculously cool from one of my favorite underground rock bands. New York's Justice of the Unicorns are a wild, untamed stallion roaming the painted hills of your dreams... Fun, twisted but in the groove they are completely indie and exactly the right band for a hot summer night. Robert Bruce flash animation video won the 2009 Animation Block Party Best "Music Video" Award for this effort....!

The Dragon's Claw by Justice of the Unicorns
directed by Robert Bruce

The story of my fandom and ultimate friendship with this band begins back in January of last year when I got a copy of JOTU's debut album, Angels with Uzis. I was won over quickly and completely half-way through. Story tellers who paint an emotive landscape, JOTU's deconstructed, lo-fi progressions and simple country-leanings are winners. Each song get enthusiastically, chopped up on stage and served hot with a side of tall tales and colorful lies.

Justice of the Unicorns - Wild Tiger
From the Angels with Uzis album

After listening to Angels with Uzis a dozen times, I went on to write one of our most glowing reviews of the year in February of last year. Later in 2008 I brought Justice of the Unicorns to play a show in town at the Middle East. Everyone in the audience was equal parts rocked and astounded.

Justice of the Unicorns
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