EITS at La Guinguette Pirate Paris 2002

To Celebrate Explosions in the Sky and the Flaming Lips' arrival in town for tonight's show at the Pavilion, I thought I might throw on some cerebral candy from one of the Austin's band's 2002 dates in Paris. EITS are a silly talented group making some of the most amazing instrumental music these days. It's time you took a break. Start the first track and let them all play. The sounds will wash over you like the tide...

Live - September 22, 2002
La Guinguette Pirate - Paris, France


Explosions in the Sky released the Double-Length LP All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone in the spring of 2007. (RSL Top 40 Album of 2007.) The album is immense and powerful - capturing in clarity, EITS' amazing exploration of space. I think I learned as much about myself while listening to it as I did about the band's ability to open people's minds.

Here is today's stunning bonus track:

Explosions In The Sky
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