The Donnas Rock :: Photos from Boston

Photographic Evidence
by Marc Beaulieu

Bank of America Pavilion - Boston, MA - 8/8/2009

The Donnas were kickin' at the Pavilion
images by Marc Beaulieu

WOMEN WHO ROCK - Formed in 1993 at Palo Alto junior high school in Northern California, The Donnas were four self-described “dorky pre-teen girls.” They were just 13. Drawing inspiration from The Ramones, AC/DC and Kiss, 16 years later they have released seven critically-acclaimed albums, graced stages at Saturday Night Live and many other late night TV shows, and toured around the world. The Donnas played the Pavilion here in Boston recently to support their brand new release, "The Donnas Greatest Hits, Vol. 16" - it's a hits collection features two brand new songs, two never-before-heard b-sides, live recordings and re-recorded versions of old favorites.

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The Donnas at the Pavilion (8-8-09)

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Caley Brown said…
Hey there, great blog. It's got a really cool feel to it.

I love the top picture, such a great "action" shot.

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