Tonight's Can't-Miss Artist Selection: Brown Shoe

There's a lesson to be learned in all things... That's true in life and it certainly seems to be the case in music. One of my greatest lessons in sound this year came back in March when I learned, once again, that extraordinary art can spring forth from the most unlikely or most unexpected of places. On a publicist's tip I headed into Cambridge to see California's Brown Shoe.

Exceeds All Expectations - It was a cold March night in Boston the last time this band was in town. The prospect of yet another west-coast indie band - amid a hectic work week after a few nights of other bands.... Well, let's just say I was hopeful but not terribly enthusiastic. As it turned out, taking the time to see Brown Shoe was one of the best decisions I've made all year. (And based on the number of shows we see, that's saying something!) For about 50 minutes late last Winter, I was warmed and completely renewed!

TONIGHT IN BOSTON - Here's your chance locals! Brown Shoe returns and will play the absolutely tiny All Asia bar. [Editor's Update: We have learned that there's some Band/PR issue here. The band's publicist and their own Myspace page list the Boston gig. The venue doesn't. Here's a sample of what local folks can expect for tonight. It's a new video from Brown Shoe:

This track amidst a strong 14-song lineup on Brown Shoe's highly recommended third album titled, "Jackalope." I am dragging everyone here at RSL to this show tonight to check these guys out first hand. For those near: I hope you can make the show for which the band has but one goal: to transcend the moment and to thoroughly entertain.

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Dan said…
Sad... I saw your write up on Brown Shoe and decided to check them out tonight. So I checked All Asia's calendar, and they were on it for sometime earlier in the month. I called the venue and they confirmed, show was something like 2 weeks ago. Is the July 29th date at the top of your blog always showing today's date instead of post date, and therefore tossing me for a loop, or is there a miscue here somewhere?

Ryan Spaulding said…
Hey Dan,

I hope you're not right - I really want to see Brown Shoe. My press release states:

July 29, 2009
All Asia Bar
332 Massachussettes Avenue
Cambridge, MA
Doors 8pm / Show 9pm / 21+
Ryan Spaulding said…
Like Dan, I called the club and though it was hard to hear, I did make out that there's no bands tonight. Think they said open mike night.

Very sorry for getting all your hopes up - I'm disappointed as well!

The band's myspace page and their publicist both show them playing in Cambridge tonight.

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