The Return of Child Bite - Jamming with Big Bear

Friday Night Fun!
Child Bite and Boston's Big Bear - 7/10
The Scene: PA's Lounge in Somerville

Child Bite's Zach Norton shreds - photo by Sam Doyle

Sometime ago, I waxed on the merits of my three favorite live bands from America. (Go ahead and look it up yourself...) If I had thought to have expanded this list to a top 5, you most definitely would have seen Detroit's Child Bite listed. Ever since I discovered CB back in July of 07, I have been a rabid fan. Psychotic stage rock (huge guitars, hot keyboards and pounding drums) is probably my best description - and probably most fitting but this band is far more than that. Their songs are as witty and clever as they are emotive fits of creativity. During the band's last appearance in town last September, they completed wowed a full house at the Middle East. Stunned, all I can say is that having seen the band multiple times - they just keep getting better!

BOSTON/DETROIT RECORD RELEASE - Friday night's Child Bite gig co-stars Boston's own Big Bear. The two bands are on brief co-headlining tour to support the release of their 7" Split Record Release (one track from each band). Everyone who attends the show (18+ / $10) at PA's on Friday night will receive a free copy of the record... And consequently you will not only own the record but a moment frozen in time... Prepare to be rocked! (I cannot endorse this project more highly!) For those of you who are reading this outside the Boston area, here's your chance to buy the record for cheap.

Web / Myspace / the Split 7" with Big Bear


Anonymous said…
Child Bite's Shawn Knight also designed the artwork for Golden Bloom's "Fan the Flames"!

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