Open Invitation Boston: on Thursday, GET HELP

Thursday Night 7/16/09!
New York's Get Help
The Scene: O'Briens in Allston

Get Help released one of the best Underground Albums of 2008

HERE'S A HEADSTART: Don't be too surprised you haven't yet heard of the highly talented Get Help, it's only because they don't get up this way too often... But here's why you should get familiar: Get Help is an amalgam of indie rock super-badness. What started out as a songwriting project between Tony Skakily from Boston’s beloved The Beatings (who are, themselves, on the verge of releasing a new album this summer), and included Mike Ingenthron from New York City’s Strikes Again! - became something much more - one hell of a live band with all the right chemistry. This is Get Help... the first song up is "Red Jacket Orchards" one of my very favorite songs from '08. You can thank me later:

"Red Jacket Orchards"
from The End of the New Country

"Fall In Love To Song"
from The End of the New Country

LIVE IN BOSTON THIS WEEK! - Thursday, July 16 at O'Brien's Pub. Get Help will appear with Streight Angular and Tony Bear. Details: 9pm, 21+, just $7. O'Brien's is a 3 Harvard Ave in Allston (Rock City, USA). Highly Recommended.


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