NPR turns up Ray Bradbury's graphic Fahrenheit 451

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NPR focuses on the Bradbury approved 451 graphic novel!

The Graphic Fahrenheit 451 - Art by Tim Hamilton

HOT NEW ITEM: One thing we just can't get enough of: Great Cross-overs. And when NPR took a look at Ray Bradbury this week (mixing in comic art), what resulted was a need to get home and scribe this post!

A new Ray Bradbury-approved graphic novel [click now for streaming media / new window] carries the spirit of the man's original novel (printed initially back in 1953) which centers on a bleak future in which books are burned to protect people from their ideas and a world in which firefighters start blazes instead of extinguishing them.

The reinvention and the cool Tim Hamilton artwork in the graphic novel has all the trapping of educating (gasp!) the young. NPR agrees and they ran a piece today on All Things Considered about the new piece. This one's highly recommended!

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Plus/Minus - "Thrown Into the Fire"
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