Jack Wakes Up

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by Jen Peterson

Seth Harwood's Jack Wakes Up

JACK WAKES UP - Never before have I so desired an entourage of friendly, coke-snorting, gun-toting Czechs. Jack Palms is a has-been action hero who finds himself unwittingly caught up in a bayside drug war. All he wants to do is show his out-of-town guests a good time, but somehow, people keep ending up dead.

Calling upon his own rage, fueled by the police-fed paparazzi lies that ended his career, Jack stands his ground and untangles a web of drug trafficking and contract killers with the help of his unlikely new BFFs, the Czechs. Throw in a potential love interest, a ’66 Mustang Fastback “K-Code” G.T., and a Columbian dealer sporting a powder-blue suit (his wife “likes him in the colors”), and you’ve got a story worth telling, friend.

RSL Read Selection:
"Jack Wakes Up"

Jack Wakes Up is a fun read. It’s fast-paced, darkly funny, and well written. Even the Scooby Doo–Meets–True Romance ending. Written in the present tense (Grammar Lesson: for example, “Jack walks” versus “Jack walked”), it takes a few pages to get into the rhythm, but once you in, you are swept along with all the action because it’s happening right effing now.

(Speaking of “effing,” this tale is chockfull of expletives. One not-so-happy review we read noted that without the F-word, the book would be half its size. This is true, but it is also somewhat necessary for character development. I don’t see ex-KGB or San Fran drug lords throwing out a “shucky darn” when they are getting sprayed with an Uzi. I include this simply to inform readers who may or may not enjoy copious use of Bad Words.)

Seth Harwood

About the Author: Boston-born, Seth Harwood is an Iowa Writers’ Workshop grad (world-famous for their ridiculously talented authors) and a Stanford-teaching storyteller. Harwood enjoys traveling the country, reading from his novels for new readers. Hit up an in-store reading.

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