The Narrow Channels - Free Album, Big Shows!

Thursday Night 6/4/09
SCENE: Sally O'Brien's in Somerville
and Friday Night 6/12/09
SCENE The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge
(special Queen-covers night!!!)

The Narrow Channels

A GREAT YEAR FOR BOSTON MUSIC: On Thursday evening, The Narrow Channels - yet another promising Boston band, play a free show at Sally O'Brien's in Somerville (Thursday 6/4/09). Appearing in Somerville with Boston's Lagoon, the Narrow Channels will try to warm hearts while rocking it up! - and it can only help the cause that they're offering up a 9-song CD for free if you come watch them play. (We think it's a secret ploy to win you over before next week's really awesome Queen-cover night -Friday 6/12) over at Lizard Lounge. (Yeah... that show will sell out.) The Boston music scene just keeps getting richer.... I hope people elsewhere are paying attention!

With a sound capable of ranging from alternative to modern rock to indie/shoegaze, the Narrow Channels definitely capture the imagination of their audience - we are pretty excited to about their sound. And with the stage chops to impress large audiences, we also find them capable of embracing intimate-sized crowds. Both of these two shows this week promise audiences one hell of a show!

Boston Sounds from The Narrow Channels

Rich Sanda - vocals
Rob Aquino - guitars
Sean MacArthur - bass
Rodney Daughtrey - drums

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