Phenomenal Covers ::The Flaming Lips

FOGGY GRAVE: From time to time the RSL reloads some heavily requested songs from the blog graveyard. In this case, we can certainly see what all the fuss is about... The Flaming Lips are the smartest, most adventuresome bands in all the US. (And unquestionably skilled - like them or not.) This all lends itself quite handily for the Lips - who are amongst the best cover artists in the World.

Nobody Takes Music More Seriously
And Has More Fun Doing It

The Flaming Lips

The Lips Do The Rolling Stones:
The Flaming Lips - Moonlight Mile

The Lips Do The White Stripes:
The Flaming Lips - Seven Nation Army

The Lips Do Radiohead
The Flaming Lips - Knives Out



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