Our Second PIRATE post in a week - Party Time!

WORLD NEWS Media Rights and Pirate Party Life?.....

This one captures the attention: It's official!! Swedish voters have given 7.1 percent of the popular vote to a representative for the newly formed the EU Pirate Party. (Swedish "Pirate" Christian Engström will votes on all public matters. No joke.) And before you dismiss this development as short-lived - this growing multi-national party stands on a platform that concerns itself with are contemporary issues... We expect to hear only more of them - and soon!


The Pirate Party "formed to protest copyright law, stands for radical reform of copyright legislation, abolition of the patent system and guaranteed online-privacy rights..."Wired - 6/8/09.... [full story]

In the United States, third and fourth political parties have had little luck in staking a power grab. But in Europe where power-sharing and often small number majorities elect the operational government - such political ascension is possible, even likely in the long-term. Watch for other Pirate Party factions try to rise in neighboring countries. We will continue to watch this one and see if it comes to impact the Global

Oh No Oh My - A Pirate's Anthem
Do you like this music? [about the band...]

The Right Time to be a Pirate? Capturing the Global Pro-Pirate Movement (popular culture has embraced everything from Pirate v Ninja memes to actually recognizing Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day). Then there's the whole flap over the prosecution of the Pirate Bay founders. And we just mentioned the ongoing battle with Modern Pirates on the high seas. Just last week we mentioned the new Cable TV program set to carry adventures of the US Navy in their battle against Somalian Pirates off the coast of Eastern Africa.) Let's see if we can go another week without a major pirate sighting... I'm beginning to think this is a conspiracy.


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