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I think it's been a very long time since I have personally considered Michael Jackson, dead today at 50, a mover and shaker in the music industry. But, as a breakthrough artist of epic proportions (and perhaps as equally in his oddities and excesses) his legacy can be found all around us in the world of music. It's better to remember the good times:

NEW TRACK: Released 6/26/09
The Lost Fingers - Billie Jean


nishajl said…
The Ben Gibbard cover is phenomenal - I'd not heard it before, so thank you!.

MJ was legendary and will be remembered for generations and, I'm sure, spawn many more tributes.
tiffany said…
Great covers, the loss of MJ is the loss of one of our last great pop icons.

Paste Magazine wrote a great article about him last year that applies now, more than ever.

For your reading pleasure:

Unknown said…
KT Tunstall does a fabulous version of I Want You Back- despite the false start, this is probably her best performance on youtube:
Mike B said…
Ian Brown (Stone Roses) cover of Billie Jean:

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