NEWS: Pirates (the not-nice kind) coming to TV

MEDIA NEWS: Reality Copying Art Copying Reality.....

SPIKE-TV has plans to air a series called "Pirate Hunters: USN" starring real U.S crewmen filmed by camera men embedded on two Navy Ships in Pirate Hot Spots. In this modern era where the only thing that moves faster than the news feed is the hunger to make money - Spike will bring real pirates (the nasty, automatically-toting, non-romantic type) into our homes. According to a piece from Entertainment Weekly, we can expect pilot programming for the series, which will depict American sailors from the USS San Antonio and the USS Boxer, soon. (The Boxer, if you recall, was the same ship which helped rescue Vermont native Richard Phillips, the kidnapped sea captain held captive by Somali pirates in April.) Whatever happened to Captain Hook and, "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!?"

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