HOT HOT HOT: Gene Dante's 'A Madness to his Method'

HEATING UP THE SUMMER: Well here's my background with Gene Dante and the Future Startlets in three easy steps: I went from not knowing a thing about the carousing Boston band to being ever-so-slightly turned off by their flamboyant rock stylings -- to being an over the top raving lunatic fan. Once you see them perform live, it's impossible not to fall for their razor-sharp, high energy live performances. (So addictively catchy, and unbelievably well put together...!) With all kinds of charisma to spare, here they are: Gene Dante and the Future Starlets...

highly recommended escapist thrills from Gene Dante

Gene Dante and the Future Starlets
A Madness to his Method

Hooking Up with Gene Dante:
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BONUS: Gene Dante coverage:

2009 Boston Rock 'n' Rumble (I / II / III)


Anonymous said…
This video is awesome!
Nick said…
That's an incredible band photo.

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