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New Wave + Like New Again - Arriving in Boston tonight are Eighties new-wave pioneers, The Motels - responsible for “Suddenly Last Summer” and “Only the Lonely” which won the band an American Music Award in 1982. This isn't exactly the same Martha Davis-led band we remember however... Leaving behind LA (and Capital Records) four years ago, Davis headed to Portland, OR - where she found the indie music hotbed to be much to her liking. A career invigoration, of sorts, took place. Davis has made her own contribution to the Portland music scene in the form of the studio/artist retreat she runs from her 72-acre farm in the Oregon countryside. Influencing, motivating and collaborating with a new generation of gifted musicians bring Davis great joy. The new incarnation of The Motels is drawn from this very pool of talent, young musicians.

The Motels Tonight!

vintage Martha Davis

The album Clean Modern and Reasonable, issued in September 2007, was the first release under the banner "The Motels" in 22 years. The album contains acoustic versions of past hits, B-sides and Martha Davis solo material including new takes on "Take The L", "Only the Lonely" and "Suddenly Last Summer". In April 2008 The Motels released two new albums on the same day, This and Beautiful Life, the latter taking the listener on a dark journey through Martha's life.

Do not miss this opportunity to see a new wave pioneer with her new, talented band.

The Motels featuring Martha Davis
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