Caught on Film: the Matt King Rock Growl

Mike Epstein photo

STORY BEHIND THE SHOT: "Best Picture of Me Ever Taken," said an enthusiastic Matthew King of Boston rock rockers The Lights Out. "I need a copy of that picture... I have got to show that to some people!" Those were King's remarks Thursday - when he got his first look at the raw but righteous image. We have to agree. We are digging the photo's energy and emotion and (of course) King's choice of t-shirts.

PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Epstein (Boston Band Crush and The Motion Sick) took the photo from the audience at TT the Bears on May 29th. It's now a special rock moment locked in time.

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Sooz is partly responsible for that photo too! We were admiring Matt's RSL shirt and we decided that one of us needed to take a photo to send to Ryan. So, I ran up and took a quick shot with my cell phone (so I could send it right away) and off it went. Glad it has now earned its place in blog history!
Unknown said…
sweet picture!

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