Butch Walker - Here Comes The... (featuring Pink)

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When I sat down and spoke with 'rock prognosticator' Jesse Malin for an interview late last year he told me how excited he was for friend Butch Walker's new "Sycamore Meadows" album.... With good reason: just as Malin predicted, Walker has found new life under the Sycamore. The album's approachable songs in the form of a tight album package have proven to be a career-changer and have earned Walker a great deal of attention. The 39-year-old Walker has seen success as a solo artist and front man while also producing and writing Grammy-nominated hit songs for some of the world's biggest artists including P!nk, Katy Perry and Dashboard Confessional. Walker's latest album has received rave reviews from the press. Billboard referred to the album as a "new high point for the already accomplished Walker", Filter stated, "as a songwriter his storytelling ability alone wins the day" and USA Today says "best thing I've heard from him." We recommend you give Walker and his new album Sycamore Meadows, a serious look.

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