The Animals at the Club a GoGo in Newcastle 1962

last seen: July '08

The Animals play the Club a GoGo - Newcastle

At the start of 1962, the Animals were known as the Alan Price (Rhythm and Blues) Combo. The band, led by keyboardist Alan Price, had a good sound but were lacking something. As if on cue, they are joined by soulful singer Eric Burdon. A couple of weeks later, the band talks their way into a regular gig - a residency at Newcastle's "Club a GoGo!" on Percy Street. There they make quite a mark. But they are told by the Manager they need a new name to fit their personal style and their wild late performances. The band decides to go by the name: "The Animals."

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Alan Price Combo are the original Animals

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thevandalstookmyhandle said…
WOW. Unbelievable is right. Thanks for reposting this. Have been meaning to get to this for a while now, glad it's still up. This does not sound like 1962. Very ahead of their time, in my humble opinion. Enjoyed this a lot! Thanks again.

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