Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams in Austin (2005)

A RYAN ADAMS MOMENT: Now that Ryan Adams is all married, book-minded and taking a hiatus from music, we wanted to give you a taste of exactly what you're missing. This music selection is from Adams and the Cardinals' June 16, 2005 performance at Stubbs in Austin. (This performance is notable to bootleggers because it contains one of the earlier guest appearances with the Dead's Phil Lesh - who sadly does not play on Come Pick Me Up.) We chose this song because it's a country-twang version of the Ryan Adams classic and in front of a country-twang crowd in Austin. Ryan seems to be having a hell of a lot of fun in this recording, even breaking the fourth-wall to laugh momentarily. Enjoy!

Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up
(live at Stubbs 6/16/05)

One of the most Famous Ryan Adams photos every taken:

Neal Casal photo

A CARDINAL MOVES ON: And we will use this photo as the bridge to re-mention Neal Casal's amazing new album. Casal, the very backbone of the Cardinals, has a sensational new album called Roots & Wings (probably the most beautiful album so far from 2009).... Please do yourself a big favor and check it out! [LINK]


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